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The Pointe System

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The story begins as the gardener digs up a skull buried in the yard of a lakefront mansion in Grosse Pointe. The police are called and the investigation begins of a murder committed over forty years ago. The investigation expands as more victims are identified.


The Pointe System, the process used by realtors until the late 1960’s to exclude undesirable people from Grosse Pointe, is used by the serial killer to identify victims. Even though Grosse Pointe is no longer restricted and has evolved to become a more diverse community, the killer feels a need to “clean house” and return Grosse Pointe to its pristine white past.


Meet some of the interesting residents of Grosse Pointe and the police who protect them. Crash Chandler, the owner of the house where the skull was found and his companion, the former housekeeper, Celestine Jefferson. Celestine gives the police her housekeeper diaries that contain a detailed history of the family and guests who visited the mansion and the family cottage in Frankfort, Michigan. Meet Crash’s son, Charles, who is despised by everyone and his daughter, Victoria, who is loved by all. There is Joyce Chandler, the wife of Charles, who comes from new money, something looked down upon in Grosse Pointe. There is also Albert Greenbaum, Crash’s best friend and financial manager and his wife Rachel. They bypassed to Pointe System to move to Grosse Pointe in the 1950’s. Their son Alan fell in love with Victoria.


The police team includes  Matt Carson, a detective with a long and distinguished career, and his partner Detective Chris Gregory who is working his first case since being promoted. Matt and Chris come from different backgrounds. Matt, who grew up in working class Sterling Heights, is a 3rd generation police detective while Chris is from an old, distinguished and very wealthy Grosse Pointe family.

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ISBN: (print) 978-1-66783-624-9
ISBN: (ebook) 978-1-66783-625-6

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