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ISBN: 978-1-54390-296-9 (print)

ISBN: 978-1-54390-297-6 (ebook)

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Table 29

A Murder Mystery

This is my first murder mystery. I hope you enjoy it. I especially liked creating the characters. Hear about their interesting lives and see how they become close friends. Then try to guess who will survive and who is the murderer.

  • Meet the physicist who studied theatre and his sister, the medical student who was  once a ballerina.

  • Get to know the inquisitive and charming widow and her film industry friends from Hollywood.

  • There’s the Earl from Dorset and his Geordie husband who are the biggest land developers in England.

  • The President’s brother is also on board, as are the Chief Justice and the Bishop of Washington D.C.

You’ll also meet some of the crew who work on the ship.


  • Meet the beautiful and decisive captain and some of her senior officers.

  • Also meet the people who serve the world-class food in the elegant Potomac Grill restaurant. All of them have interesting stories and one of them might be the murderer.

Follow the unique way the crimes are investigated by the New York Police Department and the FBI while the ship is still at sea and while the murderer chooses the next victim. Will they solve the case before all of the guests at Table 29 are murdered?

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