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ISBN: 978-1-54393-799-2 (print)

ISBN: 978-1-54393-800-5 (ebook)

The Carinthia Secret

So many secrets for so many years. Murder and intrigue on a world cruise in 1925. Will Davie Tidwell get away with the crime of the century? Will his great deception be uncovered?


Meet some of the other passengers on the Carinthia world cruise. The retired judge from Wyoming and his charming wife who play bridge with the murderer. The drug merchant from Denver and the oilman from Texas who become friends with Davie and join him most evenings to play poker. The couple from Toronto who sell Russian furs and the wealthy farmer from California who explore exotic ports with him. Everyone likes man from Savannah, but no one is aware of his dark secrets. Will one of his new friends become his next victim?

The Foreign Officers, the FBI agents and the New York Police Detectives all kept secret. Find out what really happened.  

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The World Cruise Itinerary 1925-1926

-October 10th - Depart New York AM

-October 13th - 14th Havana

-October 17th - Transit Panama Canal, visit      Panama City & Balboa

-October 25th - Los Angeles

-October 27th - San Francisco

-November 2nd - Hilo, Hawaii

-November 3rd - Honolulu, Hawaii

-November 14th - 22nd - Japan, with included   tours in Nikko, Tokyo, Kamakura, & Kyoto. Several   optional tours.

-November 25th – 28th  Taku, China, with tour to   Peking, with travel via rail.

-December 2nd – 4th - Hong Kong

-December 6th - Manila, Philippines

-December 8th -  Zamboanga, Mindanao

-December 14th - Port Moresby, New Guinea

-December 21st - 22nd Auckland New Zealand

-December 24th - Wellington New Zealand

-December 28th - 29th – Sydney, Australia

-December 31st - Hobart, Tasmania

-January 2nd - 3rd - Melbourne, Australia

-January 13th - 14th - Batavia, Java

-January 16th - Singapore

-January 21st - 24th Colombo, Ceylon

-January 27th - February 6th Bombay, with       included 5-day trip to Delhi, Agra, Benares.

-February 15th – 18th - Egypt – Arrive at Suez and   depart from Alexandria - 3 Day land trip includes   pyramids and Cairo.

-February 21st - 22nd – Naples/Pompeii, Italy.

-February 23rd - Monaco, includes visit to Nice.

-February 26th - Gibraltar

-March 1st - Cherbourg, France

-March 1st - 3rd - Southampton

-March 10th or later – Connecting steamer from     Southampton to New York

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