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Author Russ Smith

I grew up near Detroit in the suburb of Grosse Pointe, and now live part of the year in Benzie County, Michigan near the Village of Beulah. Arizona is home for the rest of the year unless I'm traveling somewhere looking for the next story. I've been fortunate to have lived and worked in many different countries in Europe and Asia.


My interest in local history and politics is reflected in my last two books. Grosse Pointe, which was once a restricted community is the site of my latest book and the small town of Beulah with its small town politics is the location for my other Michigan based murder mystery. Ocean liners and cruise ships, their history, and the people who work and travel on them have also  intrigued me. Many of the characters in my first two books are based on people who I met on a ship, or while traveling and working in various places around the world.

I have a B.A. in Hotel & Restaurant Management from Michigan State University and MBA and M.Ed degrees from Arizona State University.

Before I began writing mysteries, I worked in the semiconductor industry, holding various positions in organizational development, finance, and supply chain management. I've been a guest lecturer at Maastricht University and at the University of Hawaii. I've also been an adjunct faculty member at Rio Salado Community College. 

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