Book Cover Tabe 29 A Murder Mystery

Who is the murderer?  Is it one of the passengers at Table 29?


Perhaps it’s one of the other passengers seated in the exclusive first-class dining room or maybe one of the crew on board the ship?


It might even be one of the passengers in the discounted cabins in tourist class.

Listen to the voice in the mind of the killer as the victims are identified and the murders are planned. All eight people seated at Table 29 are potential targets. Meet them, as well as some of the other passengers on the luxury ocean liner.


ISBN: 978-1-54390-296-9 (print)

ISBN: 978-1-54390-297-6 (ebook)

Book Cover Tabe 29 A Murder Mystery

What took place on the first world cruise on RMS Carinthia in 1925-26 that has remained a secret for so long? Authorities have hidden the identity of the wealthy murderer for nearly 100 years. Why?


Wealthy, kind, generous, and handsome, are words used to describe the killer by his fellow passengers. How could such dark secrets about a murderer be kept from everyone on board, including the woman he fell in love with and married while traveling around the world on the Carinthia?



There are no secrets in the park. Everyone knows everyone in this tight knit community where people don't lock their doors and neighbours trust each other.

This all changes after the first murder. So many secrets quickly come to the surface and fear takes hold of everyone in the park.  Only one secret remains; the identity of the killer.


ISBN: 978-1-54393-799-2 (print)

ISBN: 978-1-54393-800-5 (ebook)

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ISBN: 978-1-09832-908-2 (print)

ISBN: 978-1-09832-909-9 (ebook)

Comments from Reviews

  • I loved the breadth and variety of characters as well as the setting. The innovative method required to solve the murder was well done.

  • My husband and I both enjoyed this suspenseful murder mystery! We would try to out-guess each other as to who the murderer was.


  • Table 29 was a very well thought out mystery. It left me wondering who the murderer was and I was quite surprised. I liked the setting being on an ocean liner and the mystery of where the destination would finally be.

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